Giving Back

Smile, a Campaign for Kindness, by Gwendolyn Mercer Photography, LLC, a St. Louis Photographer

Submit your favorite Non-profit, or nominate an individual in need to receive donated services from Gwendolyn Mercer Photography.

Every year, Gwen chooses a nonprofit with a mission that speaks to her heart to donate services to. Many of these nonprofits focus on empowering women, the underprivileged, and underserved communities in the St. Louis metropolitan area. As we look ahead to 2020, what causes are dear to your heart? Let’s create a community of giving right here in St. Louis.

How does photography make a difference?

Psychology has shown us that photography matters. Having the experience of being professionally photographed can be uplifting, empowering, and renew our spirits. Who doesn’t need a little of that? Portraits (even headshots!) are proven to increase feelings of self-value and confidence. Often times, a little nudge in the right direction can have a ripple effect on someone’s life. Your nominee might be a survivor, working on recovery, or getting a fresh start in life– The simple act of experiencing a portrait session and seeing an image that represents who they are becoming holds transformative powers. You can help give this gift to someone.

Would you prefer to gift someone a session instead of nominating them? Head to Contact to reach out for more information on how to gift a full session to someone special, or visit our shop to purchase an e-gift card.

Nominations are open year-round, 24 hours a day, and you can submit as many as you like.
Nominations will be reviewed quarterly and our annual Smile recipient will be contacted directly via the contact information you provide. Thank you for your nomination, and for taking the first step to making a difference in someone’s life!


Fill Out The Form Below To Submit Your Nomination:

    Here’s the fine print:
    We read and appreciate every nomination.
    Each nomination is equal and valid, but not everyone can be selected.
    You can submit as many nominations as you like.
    ***Repeat nominations do not increase the likelihood of being selected.***
    Nominees must be in Missouri, or Illinois, and within 30 miles of 63109
    At this time we are accepting nominations to donate empowering photographic services to adults and nonprofits assisting adults only.
    All recipients are vetted prior to being chosen.
    Specific services chosen for donation are at the sole discretion of Gwendolyn Mercer Photography, LLC.
    We understand some nominations are time-sensitive, please include this information in your submission.
    Please note that due to the nature of our scheduling procedures and because this is a once per year donation of services, we are usually unable to accommodate outside time constraints.
    The donation of services is reserved exclusively for the population served by the nonprofit and not the organization’s staff. (For example: If the nonprofit assists domestic violence victims, we are donating headshots or portraits to the survivors and not the staff at the shelter/nonprofit.)
    By submitting a nomination, you agree to the terms of service on our website, and understand that your name may be added to an email list, and that if undesired, you will have the ability to opt-out of future email updates from Gwendolyn Mercer Photography, LLC.
    Thank you for taking the first step to making a difference in someone’s life!